Monday, January 11, 2010


Boy, has it ever been cold in Fort Myers, Florida.

No, not that cold.  Our next door neigbors in Painesville, Ohio, sent us photos of the back and front of our house.  The third photo is on their drive to work (what is that?) one morning this past week.  I guess they wanted us to feel better about the unusual cold streak we are suffering through here in Florida.  Since the first cold front on New Years Day, we have seen night time temperatures in the 30's.  Today, Jan. 11, it was exactly 30 degrees.  There was white frost on the dock despite the breeze.  We are comfortable aboard "Passage" as our reverse cycle heat runs all night.  However, sailing to our destination of Marathon in the Keys involves anchoring out for a few nights.  No heat.  I really hate waking up in the morning and seeing my breath while I lie in bed.  So we are waiting for the weather to return to "normal".  Hopefully, we will be leaving on Thursday, Jan. 14th, for Keywaydin Island near Marco Island.  Sue would like to spend a couple of nights there because of the uninhabited beach, which is great for shelling and peaceful walks.  Then, it should be on to Marathon after the weekend.  This is our fourth scheduled time of departure, so we shall see.  In the meantime, stay warm and safe.

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