Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bye Bye Minivan

We picked up Becky and Del Gladrow at the airport as scheduled on January 19th.

What followed was a fun filled week of catching up with old friends.  We enjoyed eating out at The Elephant Bar Restaurant and Joe's Crab Shack.  Del and I visited West Marine a few times, one trip resulted in a new grill for Passage, which we used to good effect.  We drove down to Ft. Myers Beach for a day and brought home five pounds of local shrimp from Beach Seafood Market.  Wow!  That turned out to be the culinary highlight of their visit.  For some reason, there were no leftovers.

Del and Becky fit right in with the happy hour crowd from "C" dock, so evening happy hours were celebrated as usual.  The week went by incredibly quickly, and then they hopped into our minivan and drove it and the dingy trailer home on the 26th.

They arrived home safely on the 28th; and our car now resides safely in our garage, thanks to my daughter Kim, who arranged to have our driveway plowed of the seemingly never ending snow that Ohio in enduring.

On the night Del and Becky left, Sue and I were afflicted with severe flu like symptoms that incapacitated us for several days.  We finally were able to start prepping the boat on January 30th, which means we missed our window to head for the keys.  Even now on day five, we are not feeling 100 percent.  We hope to be ready to leave Legacy Harbour Marina on Wednesday if we feel strong enough and the weather cooperates.  You can follow our progress by clicking on the Spot GPS link in the blue box on this page.

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