Saturday, March 12, 2011

That's More Like It

Unlike the last two winters, the weather in Marathon has been wonderful, with highs in the low 80's and lows around 70.  Soon after we arrived, we enjoyed a happy hour aboard "Our Time" with Tom and Doris Johnson, whom we had met in Fort Myers.  On Monday the 28th of February ten Gemini Catamarans were represented at a Gemini luncheon at the Hurricane.

A good time was had by all seventeen people as we discussed sailing and living aboard our boats.  The day was crowned by "all you can eat Mexican" night at the Cabana Restaurant at Banana Bay.  Along with Gemini friends Les and Barb from "Revision" and John and Lynn from the Hunter 31 "She n I", we enjoyed a night of entertainment by John Bartus.  It was a great night, though "all I could eat" was more than I should eat.

After a few days of very strong winds, Bradd and Maeve Wilson arrived in the harbor aboard "Sampatecho".  We enjoyed two days visiting with our longtime friends from Port Colborne, savoring dinner on Friday at the Hurricane and hosting them on Saturday aboard "Passage".  We enjoyed happy hour  and grilled pork tenderloin on the new grill, which worked flawlessly in the wind.  Bradd and Maeve sailed for Cuba on Sunday.

On Monday, March 7th, a second  Gemini Catamaran luncheon was held at the Hurricane, once again with 10 boats in attendance, though not all the same vessels were represented.

That same evening we joined Tom and Doris Johnson for dinner and entertainment at the Sunset Grill.  We enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar and and generally had a rowdy good time.

It is amazing how much fun four retired educators can have if they have the right attitude and a little beverage assist.

It also helped that the night's entertainer was Brian Roberts, whom many of you faithful readers will remember is Sue's favorite singer.

I am still not sure why Sue considers herself President of the Brian Roberts Senior Fan Club.  I just don't get it.  But I am working on figuring it out.

Any suggestions?  All kidding aside, Brian is a warm and friendly guy and a fabulous entertainer.  We had a great time, and stayed till well after the event for which the grill is named.

Also this week, Sue and I saw the original Musical Production ACT NOW!  This musical was written, along with a third collaborator, by Michael and Cheri Edwards on the Gemini "Believe", which  arrived in 2007 and has never left Marathon.  The show was very well written with many clever plot twists amid the song and dance.  We had a great time, although earlier in the day we were afraid we might not make the show when a storm front with 49 mile per hour winds and torrential rain swept through the harbor.  Although the wind really howled all afternoon, it quieted down so that we could leave the boat and attend the show.

This weekend is the Seafood Festival at the Park next to the marina.  We will enjoy fresh seafood and two days of live entertainment.  It will be great fun.

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