Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back in Business

Just one month and four days after interrupting our cruise to Ohio, we are back in Titusville and ready to continue our journey north tomorrow.

On April 9th we left "Passage" at Titusville Municipal Marina and drove a Budget ( as in breaks your budget) Rental car home, arriving on Saturday, April 9th.  We spent the weekend with my daughter Kim and son in law Jeff, who will soon be moving to Indianapolis, Indiana.  I then visited the surgeon on Thursday the 14th; and he fast tracked my hernia operation, which took place on Monday, April 18th. The following week was not much fun.  I must say that Sue did a great job of taking care of me.  Without her, I would not have been able to get out of my recliner!  After just two weeks the doctor gave me the ok to drive back to Florida, provided that I behaved myself for another four weeks.

We spent the rest of the week visiting friends and family.  I also supervised some work at the Grand River Yacht Club, but managed to behave myself and let others do the heavy lifting. We finished the week by enjoying the annual GRYC Murder Mystery Pot Luck Dinner.

On Saturday, May 7th, we loaded up another one way rental car and drove to near Columbia, South Carolina.  We were graciously hosted by longtime sailing friends Dave and Deanna Hoops. We enjoyed meeting their two cats, Ava and Roxie, toured their lovely new home, and then went out for an absolutely superb dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant.  Sue and I cherished the time we spent catching up with old friends, but departed after a breakfast of homemade scones and fresh strawberries.  We arrived in Titusville by four o'clock on Sunday.

Passage had weathered the month very well.  We moved back aboard, got the AC and refrigeration up and running, purchased supplies for the next couple of weeks, and prepped the boat.  All this took place in just two days, and we still found time for happy hour on the dock with the local liveaboards!  Because I am under doctor's orders not to strain myself, and the Admiral's orders not to do any lifting, etc., Sue did all of the heavy work. For example, she scrubbed the boat while I held the hose.  One really has to admire her spirit and tenacity.

Tomorrow we plan to leave the marina and travel to Daytona Beach.  After that, we will only have about 1900 miles to go!

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  1. Geez! All kinds of news in this post. Kim and Jeff are moving? What?
    I am glad your hernia surgery went well. Ron had his surgery a month and two days afer our wedding. He refused to do it before. I'm sure by now you are back to your normal self.