Thursday, August 22, 2013

To Tonawanda

Passage cleared the dock in Dunkirk at 8:00a.m. on Wednesday, August 21st.  We sailed for the first hour, then the wind died down and went dead astern, so we motor sailed the rest of the way to Buffalo.  While approaching the harbor we counted 14 wind generators in the haze.

After pulling down the mainsail, we motored up the Black Rock Canal, under a lift bridge and past a swing bridge before transiting the Black Rock Lock.  We then motored into the Niagara River, running with the current at speeds up to 8.4 knots over the bottom.  We arrived at the Buffalo Launch club, America's oldest power boat club, in no time at all.

After checking in at the beautiful club, we got to work unbending  our sails and securing our battens to our boom.  It was hot work in the heat and humidity.

A long shower prepared us for a lovely meal in their beautiful restaurant.  After a stroll around the grounds of the BLC to view their pool, tennis courts and boats, we crawled exhausted into bed.

Thursday the 22nd we mopped the heavy dew off the decks and headed the four miles down the Niagara to the entrance to the Erie Canal.

We pulled into Wardell Boat Yard, purchased diesel fuel, and began prepping to unstep the mast.

Once the mast was down, we motored under two low bridges and tied up on the Tonawanda Harbor docks.  Docking was challenging because a day camp was engaged in a water activity in front of the docks.
 However, we are securely docked, have eaten lunch at Burger King, and Sue  has just returned from the grocery store.  Passage is ready for her voyage down the Erie Canal.
Our cruise from Grand River Yacht Club to Tonawanda was 159 nautical miles according to our GPS.

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