Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Since arriving in Annapolis, we have settled in to the routine of living on a mooring ball in a crowded harbor. Here are a few views of Spa Creek from our mooring ball.

Our activities are varied.  Each day we motor in to the marina office to shower and pick up any mail or packages which might arrive.

We have enjoyed happy hour with new friends like Rock and Diane on their Hunter 36 "Simple Pleasures."

We have eaten dinner with Bradd and Maeve on "Sampatecho" and "Passage", and enjoyed meals at two Irish Restaurants in town.  We have also enjoyed happy hour at places like O'Briens.

We enjoy our daily walks through the town, and find the residential neighborhoods of Annapolis interesting.  Many dwellings are connected, yet use different colors to paint their homes.

Brick sidewalks run almost everywhere in the old town, as well as narrow streets that date back to well before cars.

Of course downtown has many fine eating and drinking establishments near the water.

We fill our water tanks by taking jerry cans to a water source in the dingy and filling them, then dragging them on deck to fill our tanks.  We have walked to West Marine, almost two miles each way, and Sue walks 1.6 miles to a grocery store once every four or five days.  I don't go with her because apparently I slow her down and make her tired!  So we are getting plenty of exercise in addition to enjoying the good life.  The harbor is being transformed for the power boat show, so downtown will now become extra crowded and a little crazy.  We wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. We used the bus service in town and once you got to know the routes were able to go almost everywhere, mall, movies, both West marines, and a few other goocery stores. You used to be able to purchase weekend and weekly passes.

  2. Got your letter today. Checked out your position on the spot locator. Have fun at the show and in the Keys!! (I'm sure you both will!)