Monday, February 24, 2014

Over the Reef

After attending an art show on the street near the Truman annex, we cast off for a day on the sparkling waters of the Keys.  At first the wind was so light that the current actually took us backwards!  However, it filled in nicely; and we enjoyed a wonderful sail towards the reef and the open Atlantic Ocean.  Kim really seemed to be enjoying the almost perfect weather.

While crossing over the reef, the water was an incredible bright blue.

Patches of coral appeared as darker areas in the bright blue water.

One could tell immediately when we crossed over the reef into deep water because of the dramatic change in color to a gorgeous deep indigo blue.

With 8 knot breezes and gentle seas, we were able to enjoy sailing and observing the ocean from all points of the boat.

It was a great day to discuss whatever came to mind while enjoying the sound of the water on the hulls.

Our sail was enhanced by the sighting of several dolphins.  Kim was especially excited when she spotted a sea turtle with a shell at least 3 feet long.  Unfortunately, it dove before we could get a photograph.  After five hours on the water, the conclusion of our sail was made more exciting when a cruise ship turned turned around right in front of us as we entered the harbor.

While she was here, Kim met with a high school friend, Sara Signore Hallett, and her husband Joe, who live right here in Key West.  They enjoyed lunch together and caught up after not seeing each other since graduation.

Naturally, we visited Mallory Square and enjoyed the antics of the Cat Man.

Of course, no trip to Key West would be complete without seeing Brian Roberts entertain

After performing for 90 minutes at the Pier House beach bar, Brian sat down and ate lunch with us.  He is a truly down to earth person and a great guy.  Kim seemed to enjoy his music.

We capped off the day with some shopping , and Kim even enjoyed a swim at the Galleon Resort Pool. Tonight we will once again go to the roof to enjoy another Key West sunset.

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