Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tropical Daze

Our first week in Key West is going fast.  The weather has been perfect, and Passage is sitting pretty at Galleon Marina.  The observation deck of the Galleon Resort above the fifth floor gives us a great view of the marina and Key West Bight.

Likewise, one can observe the comings and goings in the anchorages, which you will notice are pretty open to the winds.

No week in Key West would be complete without a performance by Brian Roberts, singing and playing on this day at the Pier House Resort beach bar.

Brian was great as usual, and visited with us during his break.  We enjoyed catching up on his musical career, and learning how his family is doing.

Of course, a week in Key West must include a visit to Mallory Square for the evening shows.  We enjoyed a very humorous juggling unicyclist.

Amazingly, the Cat Man was still entertaining the crowd with his trained cats.

The death defying leap through a ring of fire is always a crowd pleaser.

Those cats love the Cat Man.  They stick to him like...well, like cats!

Sue added to her Cat Man souvenir collection.

Of course, we waited for the Key West sunset at Mallory Square.

Today, February 6th, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  We started the day with a fabulous breakfast at the Two Friends restaurant.  During the afternoon we strolled through some shops and watched the people off the cruise ships tour the town.  This evening we enjoyed a really fine dinner at the Conch Republic Seafood Restaurant right here in the harbor.
We will complete our anniversary celebration tomorrow with a day long event.  Can you guess what it is?

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